April 2022 were Bearish not only over Indian Stock Market NIFTY50 but on Global Stock market also.

However, it is extremely difficult to find out potential stock which results return. It is also very difficult to find out that what should be the exact price to buy a stock so the capital grows to next upward level.

No one is interested to observe downward moving of prices.

Our consideration of stock selection goes under several secured and verified process. And the process is so hard to detect the best performing stock.

It is pertinent to mention that, section of which stock to buy at what price is not a matter of reading and learning. It needs a huge professional calculation.

Even it cannot be learned with observing video tutorials; however, it needs professional guidance.

Warning –

We are not SEBI authorized Stock Analyst. Thereby, we don’t recommend anyone to go with our method.

STOCK TREK will not be liable to take responsibility for their capital who are not subscriber/members of this programme.

This article is for education purpose only. 

About –

Here we are discussing the past performance of some specific stocks.

Strictly speaking, stocks which earned profit during April 2022 are being discussed here. This study extends the performance of a stock just before it is purchased.

And study also extends to the performance of the stock after it is purchased. We will discuss here what price action patterns are being formed and parameters like trendline, support, resistance, candlestick pattern, price pattern, moving average crossover etc.

It is to be remembered here that November 2021, December 2021, January 2022, February 2022 and March 2022 are those Bearish months. And this trend continues till date.

We are not interested to discuss the issues behind this bearishness. A conscious mind can perceive regarding several Global scenarios are involved and affected for this.

We are interested only on the Technical Analysis of stocks.

However, it is proud to declare that potential stocks perform extremely well in this period, those stocks which hits stop loss are reversed and hits Target.

Pictorial representation of stocks is taken in Tradingview.com.


Journey of NIFTY50 in April 2022 –

It is very much important to discuss NIFTY50 movement on initial article. As a consequence, one can encircle the concept how other stocks are performing with index.

NIFTY 50 falls from 18119 and 16825 in April 2022. There is no such prominent price pattern observed in this period.

Performance of NIFTY50 in April 2022.

However, we are not going to analyze how and why this happens.

Direction to read the chart –

Support line – Red

Resistance line – Green

Trend line – Blue

Price pattern – Black

Purchased date line – Yellow

Sale date line – Violet

The Support and Resistance level is being considered before the entry date of trade. Stocks may break either the support level or resistance level. 


Let’s Dive In –


However, it is very controversial to convince one that why there is a Red hammer on the date of purchase.

CANFINHOME – trade duration.

On 21st Feb 22, CANFINHOME shows a strong bullish reversal. It was found that this stock is perfect to trade on that date. However, it forms this candlestick pattern during closing time.

Support level 556 and Resistance level 670.

Cup & Handle price pattern in CANFINHOME.

CANFINHOME broke its support line during the period of holding the stock to 521.

It created beautiful Cup & Handle price pattern as displayed on the above figures.

The volume of transaction on the exit date of trade is 1.2M.


The Fastest performing stocks in our list; we name it DCMSHRIRAM.

DCMSHRIRAM – trade duration

It took just four days from the date of purchase to make its breakout/ exit from the trade.

Such a short time fastest performer is rarely found in market.

Even this stock didn’t have time to create any price pattern.

Support level 916 and Resistance level 1225.

If you are interested for detail, it can be found that there was an existence of bullish double bottom breakout.

The continuation of breakout makes an upward positive progressive trendline.

The volume of transaction on the day of exit was 640K.  


ADANIPORTS is one of the slowest moving stocks in this list.

The time period to hold the trade is around 129 Days.

Support level 680 and Resistance level 830 before we enter into trade.

ADANIPORTS performed well from the early opening of market. And we had perfectly calculated and selected the trade to be taken.

ADANIPORTS stock movement.

It created one Cup & Handle and two Double Bottom price pattern.

ADANIPORTS broke its support level and dive into level 653 once in this duration.

Cup & Handle pattern in ADANIPORTS

During 14th Dec 2021 to 12th Jan 2022, it creates the Cup & Handle price pattern with average support level 712.

Double Bottom pattern in ADANIPORTS

During 14th Jan to 16th Feb 2022, ADANIPORTS creates Double Bottom price pattern with the lowest support price 693.

Double Bottom price pattern in ADANIPORTS

Another Double bottom price pattern formed by ADANIPORTS during 17th Feb to 10th Mar 2022 with lowest support price 653.  


Complete Journey of ADANIPORTS

Above one is the complete journey of ADANIPORTS.

The exit date from this trade was 4th April 2022 and volume of transaction on this day was 13.7 M.


Support level – 131 and the Resistance level – 179.

Journey of INDIANB

INDIANB creates only one price pattern during the trade period – Double Bottom. 

Double Bottom Price pattern in INDIANB

It didn’t break the support level till the exit date of the trade.

Volume of transaction on the exit day of trade is 2.1M.


POLYCAB is another Fastest Stock in this series.

Support level 2165 and resistance 2771.

Journey of POLYCAB during 25th March 2022 to 5th April 2022

Date of entry on POLYCAB was 25th March 2022.

There are only eight full days in this trade. Therefore, there is no such prominent price pattern.

Trend line became positive from the fifth day of the trade.

The volume of transaction on the day of exit, 5th April 2022, was 1.1M.  


Support level 164 and Resistance level 209.

Movement of CGPOWER during 27th Jan 2022 to 5th April 2022

Entry date on this trade was 27th January 2022.

Picture depicts the stock moves with a downward moving trendline. However, bull tries to keep the price up in every vulnerable positions.

There is no such prominent price pattern formed in this trade period, instead of tug of war between bull and bear.

However, CGPOWER broke its support level to new level 154. And make a strong reversal and make the price move up.

On 5th April 2022, exit day of trade, volume of transaction hits 2.7M.


Support level 201 and Resistance level 220, which is very narrow region of swing.

Approach of POWERGRID during 10th February 2022 to 5th April 2022

Entry date on this trade 10th February 2022.

POWERGRID broke the support level to a new level of 189 and made a strong reversal, which illustrates a price pattern called – Double Bottom.

The bullish double bottom is shown in the adjacent figure.

Double Bottom price pattern of POWERGRID.

Volume of transaction, on the exit day 5th April 2022, is 12.8M.

However, it provides Handsome Dividends to the investors.


Trajectory of NATIONALUM between 31st March 2022 to 6th April 2022

Support level 108 and Resistance level 132.

However, this is also a short range of swing.

Entry date on this trade 31st March 2022.

NATIONALUM take only five days to achieve its predicted price.

There is no such prominent price pattern formed in this duration except a steady positive Trend line.

Volume of transaction on the trade exit day, 6th April 2022, is 31M.


The desired profit is booked on eighth day from the date of purchase for the ALLCARGO.

Movement of ALLCARGO during 28th March 2022 to 6th April 2022

Support level is 288 and Resistance level is 397.

Entry date on this trade 28th March 2022.

There is no such explicit price pattern observed on this stock in this holding period of trade.

Volume of transaction on the trade exit day, 6th April 2022, is 466K.


With the Support level 549 and Resistance level 857, the Stock – TCI – made a wider range of swing.

Analysis of TCI movement.

Professional Traders like me, found abundance of opportunity to play the game in this wide range of swing.

This type of enlarged range used to define the limit of support and resistance range.

Double Bottom Price pattern in TCI.

Therefore, TCI is best choice 23rd Feb 2022 to trade entry.

However, this stock form Double bottom price pattern during the period of trade.

It breaks its earlier support level and dive into 528 and stayed for complete two days.

There is a sharp rebound on a single day as displayed in the adjacent picture.

Volume of transaction on the trade exit day, 7th April 2022, is 174.6K.


Support level 187 and Resistance level 226.

BEL chasing Target 1 during 1st April 2022 to 8th April 2022

Almost similar approach like the other mentioned Faster Stocks.

Completely upward moving Trendline without any prominent Price pattern.

On 7th April, 2022, BEL broke its previous Resistance level and moved to new resistance level.

However, this achievement aggravated the next day, 8th April 2022, the exit trade day, and we find our desired profit.



Support level 143 and Resistance level 178.

There is no such price pattern observed during the period of trade.

Approach of REDINGTON during 24th March 2022 to 8th April 2022.

The entry date of trade is 24th March 2022.

However, REDINGTON broke the support level and touched 138 for a single day. This date was 29th March 2022.

From the 30th March 2022 onwards, it creates positive trendline and approached to the predicted value.

The exit date of the trade is 8th April 2022. The volume of transaction is 15.7M.   


Support level is observed 392 and Resistance level is 534 for EIDPARRY.

Entry date on this stock is 30th March 2022.

Likewise, the aforesaid stocks, EIDPARRY didn’t formed any prominent price pattern during trade time line.

Only a positive Trendline observed during this timeline.

EIDPARRY provides the predicted profit on the trade exit day, 12th April 2022, with a volume of transaction 724.1K.


Support level 379 and Resistance level 607 is observed for SHILPAMED.

Analysis of SHILPAMED from 7th April to 13th April 2022.

Entry date on this trade is 7th April 2022.

The retrospective analysis explicitly describes that, the entry date on this stock was a breakout day of a price pattern – Double Bottom.

The predicted return is achieved on the fifth day of trade.

Volume of transaction on the exit day, 13th April 2022, was 637K.


Support level 158 and Resistance level 204.

ASTERDM performed fast and straightforward way. It found no time to create any price pattern.

ASTERDM movement from 21st April to 27th April 2022

Entry date on its trade was 21st April 2022.

No prominent price pattern is found before this entry date. 21st April was a day of reversal for ASTERDM.

Breakout is observed on 27th April 2022 with volume of transaction 2.4M and it returned the calculated profit on fifth day of entry.


Support level 135 and Resistance level 197 for WELCORP.

Analysis of WELCORP from 31st March to 1st April 2022.

Entry date of trade was 31st March 2022.

On the very next day, 01st April 2022, WELCORP Hits both T1 and T2 with volume of transaction 9.2M.

It is pertinent to mention here that T1 represents 5% profit earned on the capital invested, and T2 is the 10% profit earned on the capital invested.


Penetration of AEGISCHEM 30th March to 4th April 2022

Support level 167 and Resistance level 239.

Date of entry of the stock AEGISCHEM was 30th March 2022.

On the very bearish day of 4th April 2022, exit from the trade with predicted profit. And the volume of transaction 3.0M.


SOLARINDS Hits Target in ONE day

Support level 2175 and Resistance level 2836.

Entry date on this trade was 5th April 2022.

April 6 was bearish for SOLARINDS. However, we booked desired profit and made it exit day from trade.

The volume of transaction 280.5K.


TATAPOWER movement 4th April to 6th April 2022

Support level 203 and Resistance level 257.

Entry date on this trade is 4th April 2022.

TATAPOWER bursts its next level of upward price on the very next day aggressively.

The date of exit from this trade was 6th April 2022.

Volume of transaction on 6th April was 227M.



Movement of TATACOMM from 6th April to 8th APril 2022

Support level 1087 and Resistance level 1596.

Date of entry on TATACOMM was 6th April 2022.

Date of exit was 8th April 2022.

The volume of transaction on the exit date was 4M.


Analysis of SCHNEIDER during 1st April to 11th April 2022

Support level 100 and Resistance level 136.

Entry date on SCHNEIDER was 1st April 2022.

There is no price pattern formed by this stock during the trade, except positive trendline.

Exit date of trade was 11th April 2022. And Volume of transaction 2.29M. 


Target Hit by OPTIEMUS in one day.

Support level 216 and Resistance level 360.

Trade entry date on OPTIEMUS was 11th April 2022.

Exit date from this trade was 12th April 2022.

Volume of transaction on the date of exit 823K.


Trajectory of the most potential stock – AEGISCHEM during 7th April to 13th April 2022

AEGISCHEM can be marked as most potential stock of April 2022 in NSE, India.

There are SECOND BEST potential ENTRY is found on SAME MONTH.

The first trade was from 30th March 2022 to 4th April 2022. And the second-best entry was 7th April 2022.

Support level 167 and Resistance level 230.

AEGISCHEM didn’t formed any prominent price pattern in this duration.

Bulls have enough force to reverse the trend on the fourth day of trade and profit is booked. Exit date of trade 13th April 2022. And Volume of transaction 3M.      


Movement of MOL during 13th April to 20th April 2022

Support level 88 and Resistance level 120.

Trade entry date 13th April 2022.

With the positive trendline MOL approaches to the breakout point.

Trade exit day was 20th April 2022.

Volume of transaction on exit day was 4.8M. 


Analysis of GE T&D during 6th April to 21st April 2022

Support level 81 and Resistance level 141.

Entry date on GET&D was 6th April 2022.

No prominent price pattern is formed during this timeline.

Trade exit date was 21st April 2022.

Volume of transaction on exit day 397K.


Approach of SIRCA during 6th April to 21st April 2022

Support level 390 and Resistance level 626.

Trade entry date was 6th April 2022.

Entry was performed on a specific price pattern named Inverted Head and Shoulder.

SIRCA performed a strong reversal from 31st March 2022.

After entry, SIRCA neither form any price pattern nor broke the support level.

Exit date from SIRCA was 21st April 2022 with the volume of transaction 46.1K.


Movement of PUNJABCHEM from 19th April to 22 April 2022

Support level 1326 and Resistance level 1626.

Entry date on PUNJABCHEM was 19th April 2022.

The timeline is extremely short to create any price pattern.

Breakout was observed on 22th April 2022 with Volume of Transaction 48K.


TIIND Analysis 5th April to 26th April 2022

Support level 1440 and Resistance level 1865.

Entry date on TIINDIA was 5th April 2022.

There is a specific price pattern formed in this time period, which is called Bullish Channel.

Exit date of this trade was 26th April 2022 with volume of transaction 977K.


Most noticeable event to observe here is that, stocks performed explicitly well during the time period APRIL 2022 when NIFTY50 was between 18100 to 16800 points.

It will not be an exaggeration if I say the quantum of wealth invested on the above-mentioned stocks has raised by sixteen percent in last eight months, though Index moves downtrend line, creating atmosphere of downtrend wave.

Sixteen percent in eight months is a great number.

This trend didn’t affect the above stocks. Market responds perfectly on this duration and brings inevitable Profit amount.

However, one needs to understand investment on stock needs a patience. If you keep your patience and pay time to get great outcome – only profit is left.

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