The very positive statement on this article is – Continuous Bearish trend since November 2021 is reversed and turned Bullish trend  from June 2022 in Indian Stock Market Indices – NIFTY50 & SENSEX.

However, the reversal trend is explicitly confirmed from July 2022.

July 2022 were Bullish not only over Indian Stock Market NIFTY50 and SENSEX but on Global Stock market also.

One can easily perceive, during Bear on power – we have lesser opportunities. On the other hand, when Bull on power – we get higher opportunities. Higher opportunities make difficult situation to find the potential stock to select.  

Though the bull on power, still it is difficult to find out potential stock which results desired return. It is also very difficult to find out that what should be the exact price to buy a stock so the capital grows to next upward level. 

Our consideration of stock selection goes under several secured and verified process, where we enjoy minimal loss. And the process is so hard to detect the best performing stock.

It is pertinent to mention that, section of which stock to buy at what price is not a matter of reading and learning. It needs a huge professional calculation.

Even it cannot be learned with observing video tutorials; however, it needs professional guidance. Therefore, please do not go without you have the knowledge. 



We are not SEBI authorized Stock Analyst. Thereby, we don’t recommend anyone to go with our method. STOCK TREK will not be liable to take responsibility for their capital who are not subscriber members of this programme.

This article is for education purpose only. This article only discusses stocks which made a return on July 2022. And if you have traded with our recommendation, how much wealth can you grow in July 2022.



Here we are discussing the past performance of some specific stocks. Strictly speaking, stocks which earned profit during July 2022 are being discussed here. This study extends the performance of a stock just before it is purchased.

And study also extends to the performance of the stock after it is purchased. We will discuss here what price action patterns are being formed and parameters like trendline, support, resistance, candlestick pattern, price pattern, moving average crossover etc.  

We are interested only on the Technical Analysis of Stocks

However, it is proud to declare that potential stocks moved reverse and hits target again. Those stocks which hits stop loss are reversed and hits Target.

Therefore, we strongly believe, if a trade hit stop loss, do not exit from the trade. Keep patience. It will reverse the trend and hit said target again.

Pictorial representation of stocks is taken in Tradingview.com.



Trajectory of NIFTY 50 during July 2022.

NIFTY 50 moved from 15699 on 1st July 2022 to 17162 on 29th July 2022, close to 1463 points upwards, 9.31% from the lowest point.

It filled the gap of 15877 to 16196, around 319 points.

Analysis of NIFTY 50 through a Bullish Channel.

NIFTY approaches with the price pattern called – Bullish Channel, and continuously creating new high.

However, the NIFTY movement is not satisfactory current moment. Being a professional trader and investor, it is observed, NIFTY created several gaps during its upward journey.

Henceforth, it can be explicitly projected that NIFTY will definitely fall on 16000 points.


Support line – Red

Resistance line – Green

Trend line – Blue

Price pattern – Black

Purchased date line – Yellow

Sale date line – Violet



Movement of BRITANNIA from 28/04/22 to 04/07/22

Support level 3046 and Resistance level 3713.

Date of entry on this trade was 28th April 2022.

BRITANNIA was not supposed to move downward trends, moving on sideways trends instead.

However, it is filtered out to get entry on this trade.

We need to remember here; NIFTY is moving upwards with Bulls are on power. Thereby, it is inevitable that the other associate waves will also move upwards.

BRITANNIA is one of the associate waves of NIFTY.

Extremely Bullish Inverted Head & Shoulder Price pattern of BRITANNIA

During its journey, BRITANNIA created the price pattern – Inverted Head & Shoulder.

This extremely bullish price pattern pushed BRITANNIA upwards and Return on Investment earned on 4th July 2022.

Volume of transaction on the date of exit was 614 K. 



Journey of HEROMOTOCO from 20/05/22 to 08/07/22

Support level 2242 and Resistance level 2600.

Date of entry on this trade was 20th May 2022.

Before we made entry on HEROMOTOCO, it was on positive trend.

It’s true that I made a mistake here, it would have been better if I take entry on 13th may instead of 20th May as well. It would have raised the profit.

Creation of Inverted Head & Shoulder price pattern on HEROMOTOCO.

During its journey, HEROMOTOCO made a remarkable bullish pattern – Inverted Head & Shoulder. However, this pattern is uneven, as it breaks the steady line. 

Date of exit from this trade was 8th July 2022 with the volume of transaction 532 K.


Analysis of EICHERMOT from 23/05/22 to 11/07/22.

Support level 2315 and Resistance level 2708.

Date of entry on EICHERMOT was 23rd May 2022.

It would have been better if the entry on 19th May instead of 23rd May.

Formation of Inverted Head & Shoulder – Extremely Bullish price pattern in EICHEMOT.

EICHERMOT created the extreme bullish price pattern named Inverse Head & Shoulder just after the entry is made.

EICHERMOT didn’t broke the support level, however, it breaks the previous resistance level and made a new peak during the trade period.

On 11th July 2022, the date of exit is marked and return on investment is booked with volume of transaction 1.34 M.


Trajectory of CASTROLIND from 16/05/22 to 13/07/22.

Support level 100 and Resistance level 109.

Date of entry on CASTROLIND was 16th May 2022.

CASTROLIND created the bullish price pattern you already know – Double bottom.

Bullish Double Bottom formation on CASTROLIND.

A detailed observation illustrates that 18th May 2022, the second day of the date of entry, was a potential day for target one hit. However, the issue is CASTROLIND faced price rejection.

From 19th May 2022, CASTROLIND created the said Double Bottom price pattern. 

The pattern is extremely bullish and have potential to hit target.

Indeed, the Return on Investment on 13th July 2022 and the volume of transaction 2.53 M.


Pathway of UBL from 22/04/22 to 15/07/22.

Support level 1400 and Resistance level 1597.

Date of entry on UBL was 22nd April 2022. Indeed, we need to remember that we made this entry on an extremely bearish day.

NIFTY 50 and SENSEX were bleeding from November 2021 to June 2022, almost 8 months.

The most positive point is we never lose a single day to take entry on a trade.

It is believed that crisis brings opportunity.

So, if there is extreme crisis, there are infinite opportunity. And the best part of this story is you need to find opportunity and grab it till the crisis ends.

If you wait to end the crisis, the very next person will grab the opportunity and you will just lose your chance to CREATE opportunity.

From the above approach, we never lose opportunity to enter into a trade and wait for target to hit.

Formation of Bullish Double Bottom on UBL.

UBL created two distinct bullish price pattern – Double Bottom.

First bullish double bottom was going to breakout, but market didn’t respond for breakout to happen in extreme approach.

UBL made its second double bottom.

On this journey, UBL never broke its support but broke the resistance and hit target on 15th July 2022.

Volume of transaction on the day of exit was 388.4 K.


Projection of SAFARI from 13/04/22 to 19/07/22.

Support level 900 and Resistance level 1012.

Date of entry on SAFARI was 13th April 2022.

From the very date of entry, SAFARI moved in consolidation.

How to know that this stock undergoes into consolidation? It creates almost sideways movement for a long period of time. And when the breakout will be a massive breakout.

Analysis of Bullish Cup & Handle pattern of SAFARI.

However, SAFARI created a specific bullish price pattern – Cup and Handle.

On its journey, SAFARI broke its support level and took rest on 819. But it bounces back soon and made its journey around the range of 900 to 950.

As it is known that long term consolidation breaks with a massive breakout, so happened here.

Return on Investment earned on 19th July 2022 with a massive volume breakout of 107.6 K.


Approach of ESCORTS from 10/05/22 to 19/07/22.

Support level 1510 and Resistance level 1934.

Date of entry on this trade 10th May 2022.

After the very entry on ESCORTS, it created an extremely feeble bullish price pattern – Double bottom. It received ‘Bear’ response from the market and attenuated accordingly.

Bullish Double Bottom formation of ESCORTS.

However, ESCORTS broke its support region and rested on 1309. It creates one more bullish price pattern – Double bottom.

It has a full potential to move upwards and hit target as well.

ESCORTS didn’t break its support level for second time. And it didn’t break its resistance level. 

Date of exit from this trade was 19th July 2022. The volume of transaction 2.7 M.  



Trajectory of EPL from 03/06/22 to 19/07/22.

Support level 149 and Resistance level 179.

Date of entry on EPL 3rd June 2022.

EPL goes undervalue from the very entry on this trade.

Bullish Cup & Handle price pattern in EPL.

Created extremely bullish potential Cup & Handle price pattern. It also broke its support level and rested on 147.

However, it broke its support level, make a bullish retrieval.

EPL hit the target on 19th July 2022, on the date of exit. And the volume of transaction 333.4 K. 


Dynamics of SBILIFE from 11/05/22 to 20/07/22.

Support level 1033 and Resistance level 1184.

Date of entry on SBILIFE was 11th May 2022.

After entry, SBILIFE was extremely bullish and moved upwards. Indeed, it didn’t hit target.

SBILIFE moved downwards again. The precise observation results, SBILIFE didn’t form any explicit bullish price pattern after the trade entry.

Extremely Bullish Double Bottom formation on SBILIFE.

However, if it is considered as shown on the above picture, then the bullish double bottom pattern is observed. The fact is we made an entry on the first bottom.

On its journey, SBILIFE never breaks its support level. And the remarkable issue is it finally hit the resistance level and target simultaneously.

Date of exit from this trade was 20th July 2022. And volume of transaction 1.6 M.


Movement of SBICARD from 05/07/22 to 28/07/22.

Support level 657 and Resistance level 798.

Date of entry on SBICARD was 5th July 2022.

Especially, SBICARD created a special bullish price pattern – Up Flag.

The characteristic of Up Flag is to move continuous upward with breaking previous resistance level. This characteristic is clearly observed on SBICARD.

Exclusively Bullish Up Flag formation of SBICARD.

If a stock approaches with this pattern, it moves faster and hit target in very short time, as it is seen. We need to consider, an exception, the stock never changes its trajectory.

As we made the entry during the formation of bullish Up Flag pattern, thereby, it takes faster to hit the target.

The date of exit of this trade 28th June 2022. And the volume of transaction 4.4 M.


Path of MFSL from 06/06/22 to 29/07/22.

Support level 696 and Resistance level 779.

Date of entry on MFSL 6th June 2022.


MFSL created bullish double bottom pattern on the very entry on to this trade.

Bullish Double Bottom price pattern formation of MFSL.

MFSL hit the target before the actual target hit. It might be a system error by default which records here.

During the entire journey, MFSL broke its resistance and created a new higher peak.

Date of exit was 29th July 2022 with the volume of transaction 891.7 K.


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Dates are not included as it belongs to our professional community.


RecommendedHits SLHits T1Hits T2% Hits of T1% Hits of T2% of Accuracy
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However, I do claim that the potential of accuracy of our trading forecast system is 67 % on July 2022.


Consider an Individual is trading with 24 Unit (for say) of wealth with STOCK TREK.

Recommended (Unit)Loss (Unit)T1 (Unit)T2 (Unit)P/L = T2 + T1 + Loss (Unit)Profit in %Remark
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This signifies, if you have traded with 24 units of wealth on July 2022, your wealth would have appreciated by 5.6% on July 2022.

It is not ethical to discuss compounding effect on one month. We will further discuss the compounding factor.

Above table is under © Copyright of STOCK TREK and is published on soundofwarp.com and its associated social media – facebook, twitter, Google business, linkedin, Instagram only.

Any other digital or printed publication instead of above mentioned, is considered to be illegal / violation of Copyright Act and subject to face legal action. 



Title prescribes that only 12 stocks are discussed here.

Strictly speaking we are discussing more than 12 stocks. Deliberate discussion of 12 stocks is those which hit target on July 2022, you can find those are traded earlier than July 2022. One can realize, stocks which hit a breakout on July are entitled for best performance stocks 12. 

In Table – 1 you can find the stocks that forecast on July and hit Target 2 on July 2022. 

Stocks hits Target 1 are not discussed in this article, as this information belongs to STOCK TREK community members.

And the accuracy of forecast and hit the Target 1 and 2 in combination is 67%. And the corresponding wealth growth is 5.6% on July 2022.

Indeed, one can understand the potential of this platform. The potential to hit target, potential of accuracy and potential of wealth growth.

Courage, Conviction and Commitment are three key elements that shows this result.   


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