Bulls are on power since Mid-June 2022 and July 2022 over NIFTY50 & SENSEX.

August 2022 were Bullish not only over Indian Stock Market NIFTY50 and SENSEX but on Global Stock market also.

One can easily perceive, during Bear on power – we have lesser opportunities. On the other hand, when Bull on power – we get higher opportunities. Higher opportunities make difficult situation to find the potential stock to select. For example: One day my professional team got around 100 best performing stocks.

Therefore, every situation has both advantage and disadvantage.  

Indeed, it is proud to declare that the accuracy of forecast and target hit is more than 69 %. And the corresponding wealth growth is 3.9 % on August 2022. 



We are not SEBI authorized Stock Analyst. Thereby, we don’t recommend anyone to go with our method. STOCK TREK will not be liable to take responsibility for their capital who are not subscriber member.

Though bull on power, still it is difficult to find out potential stock which results desired return. It is also very difficult to find out that what should be the exact price to buy a stock so the capital grows to next upward level.

Our consideration of stock selection goes under several secured and verified process, where we enjoy minimal loss. And the process is so hard to detect the best performing stock. 

It is pertinent to mention that, section of which stock to buy at what price is not a matter of reading and learning. It needs a huge professional calculation.

Even it cannot be learned with observing video tutorials; however, it needs professional guidance. Therefore, please do not go without you have the knowledge.

This article is for education purpose only. This article only discusses stocks which made a return on August 2022. And this article also represents if you have traded with our recommendation, how much wealth appreciated in August 2022. Please remember here, we are focusing on August 2022.



Here we are discussing the past performance of some specific stocks. Strictly speaking, stocks which earned profit during August 2022 are being discussed here. This study extends the performance of a stock just before it is purchased.

And study also extends to the performance of the stock after it is purchased. We will discuss here what price action patterns are being formed and parameters like trendline, support, resistance, candlestick pattern, price pattern, moving average crossover etc.   

We are interested only on the Technical Analysis of Stocks.

However, it is proud to declare that potential stocks moved reverse and hits target again. Those stocks which hits stop loss are reversed and hits Target

Therefore, we strongly believe, if a trade hit stop loss, do not exit from the trade. Keep patience. It will reverse the trend and hit said target again. 

Pictorial representation of stocks is taken in Tradingview.com.  



NIFTY 50 high in August 2022 is 17991.
NIFTY 50 low in August 2022 is 17164.

August 2022 is remarkable for NIFTY 50. NIFTY 50 swings between 17164 to 17991 in August 2022.

However, this journey is not satisfied for the retail investors. NIFTY created several gaps, which have to be filled.

Marabozu on 30th August is a response to cover the gap as well, however, not sufficient for its sustainance.

NIFTY made a correction from 17991 to 17176 in August 2022 only which is -4.5%. Indeed, it can be the amount of swing of NIFTY in August is between 17991 and 17170. 

However this is normal phenomena. 


Support line – Red

Resistance line – Green

Trend line – Blue

Price pattern – Black

Purchased date line – Yellow

Sale date line – Violet




Path of WHIRLPOOL from 02/05/22 to 05/08/22.

Support level 1531 and Resistance level 1722 before the entry on WHIRLPOOL.

We need to remember, that the entry is performed on the very bearish day of May 2022.

Double Bottom price pattern formation in WHIRLPOOL.

WHIRLPOOL broke its support level twice and created the Double Bottom price pattern as well.

One of the support level rests on 1468 and other one is 1415.

The lowest support level 1415 attained on 20th June. And as NIFTY made its reversal from mid of June 2022, it is reflected here also.

Thereby, WHIRLPOOL hits Target 2 on 5th August 2022 and the volume of transaction on this day was 121.5 K.   



Movement of WONDERLA during 13/04/22 to 05/08/22.

Support level 211 and Resistance level 254.

WONDERLA broke its support level once and rests on 201. On its second downfall, it took rests on the support level 211.

Target analysis of WONDERLA.

After the entry, WONDERLA tried to chase the target but failed as NIFTY was Strong bearish those days.

WONDERLA created a bullish price pattern named – Inverted Head & Shoulder.

On 5th August WONDERLA hits target 2 and return with desired result. the volume of transaction was 932.6 K.


Trajectory of BHARATFORG from 09/06/22 to 12/08/22.

Support level 598 and Resistance level 751.

BHARATFORG never broke its support level during the trade period. And it chased for its target for more than sixty days.

Cup & Handle price pattern in BHARATFORG.

Detailed observation on extended time line shows that, BHARATFORG formed the bullish price pattern Cup & Handle. The level of termination is the resistance level of BHARATFORG, 751.

We made the entry on the mid-point of the price pattern. Thereby, one can’t find a precise price pattern just after the entry point. Indeed, we need to extend our view. 

BHARATFORG hits target on 12th August with the return of desired profit. The volume of transaction 11.2 M.


Swing of TCI from 08/06/22 to 12/08/22.

Support level 620 and Resistance level 799.

TCI broke its support level once and rests on 615.

TCI created a bullish price pattern named Double Bottom.

Double Bottom price pattern of TCI.

Bullish Double Bottom price pattern is created by TCI during the trade period.

Hits target on 12th August with the pre-calculated profit. The volume of transaction 462.3 K. 



Track of AUROPHARMA from 10/06/22 to 12/08/22.

Support level 511 and Resistance level 575.

AUROPHARMA broke its support level and rests on level 503 during the trade.

Bullish Double Bottom formation in AUROPHARMA.

It forms bullish Double Bottom price pattern. It took more than sixty days to chase the target.

On 12th August we get the desired profit. The volume of transaction on the date of exit was 6.1 M.  


Projection of TRENT from 19/04/22 to 16/08/22.

Support level 983 and Resistance level 1349.

Explicit formation of Double Bottom in TRENT.

TRENT created bullish price pattern Double Bottom.

It didn’t break the support level, but rests on the same level during the trade period.

TRENT hit the target on 16th August and rewards the profit. The volume of transaction 1.4 M.


Analysis of BAJAJELEC from 11/04/22 to 22/08/22.

Support level 991 and Resistance level 1170.

However, BAJAJELEC breaks its support level and rests on level 860. Level 860 can be considered as a strong support level, as BAJAJELEC took this level as support for twice.

Extremely Bullish Double Bottom price pattern in BAJAJELEC.

BAJAJELEC created precise and prominent price pattern named Bullish Double Bottom. It remains sideways for around one month.

Finally, volume breakout is observed on BAJAJELEC on 22nd August. It is the trade exit day. The volume of transaction is 353.5 K. 


Representation of MAZDOCK from 18/04/22 to 29/08/22.

Support level 226 and Resistance level 333.

MAZDOCK didn’t break its support level during the trade period. The bullish price pattern Double bottom is not explicitly visible just after the entry on this trade.

Formation of Cup & Handle in MAZDOCK.

However, MAZDOCK created extremely bullish Cup & Handle as represented in the above picture.

On 29th August, 2022 break out of the bullish price pattern is observed and MAZDOCK hits target.

The volume of transaction was 17.99 M.



FORCEMOT moving during 27/04/22 to 30/08/22.

Support level 970 and Resistance level 1252.

FORCEMOT take downward movement after the date of entry on this trade. It created extremely bullish price pattern Up Flag. 

Formation of Bullish Up Flag pattern FORCEMOT.

FORCEMOT breaks its initial support level and moved on 912. Indeed, it bounce back and created the most bullish price pattern named Up Flag.

The pattern is so bullish that it contains three massive volume breakouts. The remarkable date of massive volume breakouts is 8, 17 and 30th August.

It is to mention here that, the date of trade exit is 30th August 2022 and the volume of transaction 441.6 K. 



Pathway of ADANIGREEN from 01/08/22 to 22/08/22.

Support level 1655 and Resistance level 2389.

ADANIGREEN didn’t form any explicit price pattern during the trade. The date of entry on this trade is 1st August 2022.

Double Bottom in ADANIGREEN.

However, the subtle observation reveals that ADANIGREEN created bullish price pattern Double Bottom – the day before date of entry. Indeed, we entered on the half-way of journey.

ADANIGREEN breaks its resistance level and hits target on 22nd August 2022, which is the date of trade exit.  

The volume of transaction on trade exit day is 4.7 M.


Analysis of JKCEMENT from 02/08/22 to 07/09/22.

Support level 2001 and Resistance level 2501.

Date of entry on this trade is 2nd August.

JKCEMENT breaks its previous resistance level and made a new higher peak.

After the entry, JKCEMENT didn’t made any explicit price pattern. Formation of Cup & Handle pattern is observed during the trade period, however, said pattern is formed for a small period of time.

Therefore, considering this pattern will create error in our recommendation.

JKCEMENT hit second target on 7th September 2022. The volume of transaction 347.4 K.  


Movement of IIFL from 08/08/22 to 21/09/22.

Support level 304 and Resistance level 372.

IIFL didn’t breaks its support level during the trade period. Date of entry is 8th August.

Formation of Bullish Inverted Head & Shoulder price pattern.

IIFL created one of the most bullish price patterns named Inverted Head & Shoulder. The entry is made on the mid-way of journey. Thereby, one can observe only bullish double bottom pattern, which is not correct.

Date of exit is 21st August 2022 and the volume of transaction is 1.2 M.


Trajectory of GRASIM from 10/08/22 to 08/09/22.

Support level 1307 and Resistance level 1617.

Date of entry on this trade is 10th August.

GRASIM price move step up without creating any bullish price pattern and hits second target on 8th September.

The volume of transaction on the date of exit 606.3 K. 


Projection of INDIACEM from 12/08/22 to 29/08/22.

Support level 145 and Resistance level 197.

Date of entry on INDIACEM trade is 12th August.

Simple upward step movement is observed on this trade. There is no any explicit price pattern formed during trade period.

Date of exit from INDIACEM is 29th August. Volume of transaction is 5.7 M.


Presentation of HINDCOPPER from 17/08/22 to 13/09/22.

Support level 94 and Resistance level 114.

Date of entry on HINDCOPPER is 17th August.

Formation of explicit price pattern is not observed on HINDCOPPER during the trade period.

It didn’t break support level but break the resistance level and made a higher peak.

Date of exit from this trade is 13th September. Volume of transaction 5.3 M.   


Chart of JINDALSTEL from 18/08/22 to 14/09/22.

Support level 372 and Resistance level 412.

Date of entry on JINDALSTEL is 18th August.

JINDALSTEL made a bearish movement just after the entry on this trade. But the bearish movement was for short time period. It bounces back and made a step-up pattern to chase target.

JINDALSTEL didn’t break the support but break the resistance on very next day of entry on this trade.

JINDALSTEL hits target on 14th September. The volume of transaction is 4.7 M.


Trajectory of ASTRAL from 23/08/22 to 02/09/22.

Support level 1710 and Resistance level 2080.

There is no need to provide introduction for ASTRAL.

ASTRAL didn’t break the support level but it breaks the resistance level. Hits target on 2nd September.

Volume of transaction on the exit day was 1.4 M.


Analysis of DELTACORP from 23/08/22 to 16/09/22.

Support level 175 and Resistance level 207.

Date of trade entry was 23th August.

DELTACORP didn’t breaks the support level as per chart displays. The chart was sideways for a while.

However, the formation of doji at the bottom signifies DELTACORP will burst very soon. Formation of three armed soldiers afterwards confirms DELTACORP will explode soon.

Volume breakout is observed on 16th September with a breakout volume 32 M.  



List of Recommendations hits Target (T2) on August 2022:

ADANIGREEN 226923822495
* Dates are not included as it belongs to our professional community

Percentage of Accuracy on August 2022:

RecommendedHits SLHits T1Hits T2% Hit of T1% Hit of T2% of Accuracy
© Copyright of STOCK TREK

However, it is claimed that the potential of accuracy of our trading forecast system is more than 69 % on August 2022.

Projection of Wealth Appreciation:

Consider an Individual trade with 23 Unit (for say) of wealth with STOCK TREK

Recommended (Unit)Loss (Unit)T1 (Unit)T2 (Unit)P/L = T2 + T1 + Loss (Unit)Profit in %Remark
© Copyright of STOCK TREK

This signifies, if you have traded with 23 units of wealth on August 2022, your wealth would have appreciated by 3.9 % on August 2022.

Remember again we are considering the time period of August 2022 trades only.

Now please express here the name of your financial instrument which provide such Wealth Appreciation of 3.9% with Accuracy rate of 69% in a month.

It is not ethical to discuss compounding effect on one month. We will further discuss the compounding factor.

Above table is under © Copyright of STOCK TREK and is published on soundofwarp.com and its associated social media – facebook, twitter, google business, linkedin, Instagram only.

Any other digital or printed publication instead of above mentioned, is considered to be illegal / violation of Copyright Act and subject to face legal action. 



However, it is to keep in mind that, NIFTY50 made a correction from level 17991 to 17176 which is almost -4.5 %. Due to this correction event, the performance of target hit in August 2022 is little lower.

Correction is a normal and common event in NIFTY 50. However, professional traders know the art of capital gain.

Strictly speaking we are discussing 18 stocks. It is important to mention here, abovementioned 9 stocks are traded before and hits target on August 2022 and rest 9 stocks traded on August 2022.

Therefore, it is inevitable they will perform little slower than current trades.

In above table one can find the stocks that forecast on August and hit target 2 on August 2022 and afterwards.

Stocks hits Target 1 are not discussed in this article.

And the accuracy of forecast and hit the target 1 and 2 in combination is more than 69 %. And the corresponding wealth appreciation is 3.9 % on August 2022, including Stop Loss.

Indeed, one can understand the potential of this platform. The potential to hit target, potential of accuracy and potential of wealth growth.


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