Correction is undergoing on  NIFTY50 & SENSEX from August 2022 and the trend continued on September 2022.

Although, August 2022 was higher than September 2022. NIFTY corrected 4.5% in August 2022 and 7.2% in September 2022.

One can easily perceive, during Bear on power – we have lesser opportunities. On the other hand, when Bull on power – we get higher opportunities. Higher opportunities make difficult situation to find the potential stock to select. For example: One day my professional team got around 100 best performing stocks.

However, this concept is completely opposite for the aggressive trader like us.

Therefore, every situation has both advantage and disadvantage.  

Indeed, it is proud to declare that the accuracy of forecast and target hit is more than 21 %. And the corresponding wealth growth is 1.7 % on September 2022



We are not SEBI authorized Stock Analyst. Thereby, we don’t recommend anyone to go with our method. STOCK TREK will not be liable to take responsibility for their capital who are not subscriber member.

Though bull on power, still it is difficult to find out potential stock which results desired return. It is also very difficult to find out that what should be the exact price to buy a stock so the capital grows to next upward level.

Our consideration of stock selection goes under several secured and verified process, where we enjoy minimal loss. And the process is so hard to detect the best performing stock.

It is pertinent to mention that, section of which stock to buy at what price is not a matter of reading and learning. It needs a huge professional calculation.

Even it cannot be learned with observing video tutorials; however, it needs professional guidance. Therefore, please do not go without you have the knowledge. This article is for education purpose only.

This article only discusses stocks which made a return on September 2022. And this article also represents if you have traded with our recommendation, how much wealth appreciated in September 2022.

Please remember here, we are focusing on September 2022.



Here we are discussing the past performance of some specific stocks. Strictly speaking, stocks which earned profit during September 2022 are being discussed here. This study extends the performance of a stock just before it is purchased.

And study also extends to the performance of the stock after it is purchased. We will discuss here what price action patterns are being formed and parameters like trendline, support, resistance, candlestick pattern, price pattern, moving average crossover etc. 

We are interested only on the Technical Analysis of Stocks

However, it is proud to declare that potential stocks moved reverse and hits target again. Those stocks which hits stop loss are reversed and hits Target

Therefore, we strongly believe, if a trade hit stop loss, do not exit from the trade. Keep patience. It will reverse the trend and hit said target again. 

Pictorial representation of stocks is taken in tradingview.com.



NIFTY 50 maximum on September 2022
NIFTY 50 minimum on September 2022

NIFTY continued to correct itself in September 2022. NIFTY high is 18098 and NIFTY low is 16796, which is 1302 points and 7.2 %.

Trend of correction is continuing due to several Global phenomena like War, Inflation etc. Market around the World is continuing its volatile characteristics due to several major and minor factors. 

NIFTY breaks its previous powerful support 17164 and rests on new level to 16796.

Abrupt sign of reversal is observed in this duration, but not sustainable.

However, making such correction, NIFTY made several gaps. Being a professional trader, it is assured that these gaps will be filled up during the reversal. Therefore, our objective is to trade every single day – no matter what is market conditions.

Indeed, charts does not represent any sustainable sign of reversal. 



Support line – Red

Resistance line – Green

Trend line – Blue

Price pattern – Black

Purchased date line – Yellow

Sale date line – Violet

Let’s Dive in –



Movement of SRF from 26/04/22 to 01/09/22.

Support level 2424 and Resistance level 2773.

Date of entry on SRF was 26th April.

SRF breaks its support level and rests below the support level for a lengthy period of time.

SRF rests on the support region 2101 & 2003.

During this long period, it creates three extremely bullish pattern – Double Bottom, Inverse Head & Shoulder and Double Bottom.

First Double Bottom was bullish but not sustainable to hit target. It just crossover the support level 2424, which is initial support level.

SRF created the inverted head and shoulder pattern afterwards. This pattern was also not explicitly bullish to hit target. 

Price patterns like Double Bottom and Inverted Head & Shoulder in SRF

Further, double bottom pattern is created by SRF which hits the target.

Exit date from SRF is 1st sept 2022 and the volume of transaction 2.1 M.


Presentation of TRITURBINE from 31/03/22 to 05/09/22

Support level 168 and Resistance level 205.

Date of entry on this trade is 31st March.

TRITURBINE made a downward movement for a prolonged time. It breaks the support level 168 and rests on 162. Further, rests on 147.

It is observed, that TRITURBINE breaks its support level twice and made two different support level.

Cup & Handle price pattern in TRITURBINE.

TRITURBINE created the bullish price pattern named Cup and Handle in its lower support level.

One can easily say, that TRITURBINE moved into consolidation stage.

After the breakout of Cup & Handle, TRITURBINE moves in normal upward movement and chased target.

Date of exit is 5th September. Volume of transaction 10.7 M.


Chart of CONCOR from 06/04/22 to 07/09/22

Support level 555 and Resistance level 703.

Date of entry on CONCOR is 6th April.

We need to keep in mind that April 2022 is Bearish Market Worldwide. Therefore, it is inevitable that CONCOR will go downward.

However, CONCOR did not break its support level. It rests once on the said support level.

Price pattern in CONCOR

CONCOR created Inverted Head & Shoulder price pattern in this duration. Indeed, this pattern did not sustain its bullishness.

CONCOR created double bottom price pattern consecutively. This pattern is quite sustainable to push the price upwards. But it didn’t till CONCOR hits target.

Inverted Head & Shoulder created again. This is the final creation.

CONCOR hits target on 7th September. Volume of transaction 21.5 M.


Pathway of DIXON from 02/06/22 to 07/09/22.

Support level 3189 and Resistance level 3970.

Date of entry 2nd June.

DIXON didn’t break its support level.

Inverted Head & Shoulder pattern in DIXON.

Extremely bullish Inverted Head & Shoulder price pattern is created by DIXON.

It is to remember; market took a reversal trend of its almost nine-month downward movement from mid-June.

Indeed, the prime reversal wave pushed other short waves to move upwards.

However, this reversal trend pushed DIXON to move upwards.

DIXON moved little step upward and then hit the target.

Date of exit 7th September. Volume of transaction 979.8 K.



Analysis of GOCLCORP from 08/04/22 to 09/09/22.

Support level 236 and Resistance level 315.

Date of entry 8th April.

As the month April was bearish Worldwide, thereby, GOCLCORP moved downward and creates double bottom.

Price pattern of GOCLCORP.

Double bottom breakout observed during mid-June as NIFTY made its reversal.

Bullish trend sustained and upward movement continued.

GOCLCORP creates an Inverted Head & Shoulder pattern. The extremely bullish pattern hits target on 9th September.

Volume of transaction 229.7 K. 


Motion of TATVA from 07/04/22 to 16/09/22.

Support level 2082 and Resistance level 2402.

Date of entry 7th April.

TATVA made a downfall after entry. It breaks the support level and took rest on 2041.

TATVA create an extremely bullish price pattern Double Bottom. This pattern is not enough sustainable to chase target.

Price pattern in TATVA.

However, TATVA create one more bullish Double Bottom.

It helped TATVA to chase it’s target.

It breaks support level only once and hit target on 16th September 2022.

The volume of transaction 25.1 K.


Approach of PRISMJOHN from 08/04/22 to 20/09/22.

Support level 109 and Resistance level 129.

Date of entry on PRISMJOHN is 8th April 2022.

It is to be remembered, that stock market Worldwide was in down trends on April 2022.

PRISMJOHN made a downfall and breaks the support level. It rests on two lower level 99 and 96 respectively.

Cup & Handle pattern in PRISMJOHN.

PRISMJOHN creates bullish price pattern Cup & Handle around its lowest support level. Breakout of the Cup & Handle was enough sustainable to step up the price as well as chase target.

The date of exit of this trade is 20th September and the volume of transaction 2.6 M.


Pathway of KIRLOSIND from 21/04/22 to 21/09/22.

Support level 1305 and Resistance level 1699.

KIRLOSIND breaks its support level after the trade entry. Three consecutive support levels are 1301, 1281 and 1203.

It is the day when Global trend of stock market is to go downward. Therefore, it is inevitable KIRLOSIND will represent downtrend.

Cup & Handle price pattern in KIRLOSIND.

KIRLOSIND created extremely bullish price pattern called Cup and Handle.

However, the volume breakout occurs on later day, but price didn’t fall again. Price moved step wise up and hit target on 21st September 2022. Volume of transaction 118.4 K.



Movement of FDC from 01/09/22 to 06/10/22.

Support level 249 and Resistance level 279.

Date of entry on FDC is 1st September 2022.

FDC didn’t breaks its support level. Also, it failed to create any bullish price pattern.

Price moves sideways for a while and downfall then.

Finally, FDC hit its target on 6th October 2022. Volume of transaction 282 K.


Chart of VAIBHAVGBL from 05/09/22 to 07/09/22.

Support level 291 and Resistance level 375.

Date of entry on VAIBHAVGBL is 5th September 2022.

It hits target on 7th September 2022.

Volume of transaction 3.4 M.


Analysis of SHAREINDIA from 07/09/22 to 14/09/22.

Support level 1089 and Resistance level 1246.

SHAREINDIA didn’t breaks support level and never created any price pattern.

Date of entry on SHAREINDIA is 7th September.

Date of exit is 14th September and the volume of transaction 312.6 K.


Chart of DOLLAR from 09/09/22 to 15/09/22.

Support level 422 and Resistance level 479.

Date of entry on DOLLAR is 9th September.

DOLLAR was so bullish that it was unable to create any price pattern.

Date of exit from this trade is 15th September and the volume of transaction 878.7 K.


Chart of KIRLFER from 29/09/22 to 04/10/22.

Support level 236 and Resistance level 277.

Date of entry on KIRLFER is 29th September.

KIRLFER didn’t find any time to create price pattern.

It hits target on 4th October and the volume of transaction 543.1 K.


Table 1: List of Recommendations hits Target (T2) on September 2022:

Copyright @STOCKTREK2022

Table 2: Percentage of Accuracy on September 2022:

RecommendedHits SLHits T1Hits T2% Hits of T2% of Accuracy
Copyright @STOCKTREK2022

However, I do claim that the potential of accuracy of our trading forecast system is more than 21 % on September 2022.

Table 3: Projection of Wealth Appreciation:

Consider an Individual trade with 23 Unit (for say) of wealth with STOCK TREK

Recommended (Unit)Loss (Unit)T1 (Unit)T2 (Unit)P/L = T2 + T1 + Loss (Unit)Profit in %Remark
Copyright @STOCKTREK

This signifies, if you have traded with 23 units of wealth on September 2022, your wealth would have appreciated by 1.7 % on September 2022.

Remember again we are considering the time period of September 2022 trades only.

As NIFTY50 undergone through more than 7% correction on September 2022, therefore, percentage of stop loss is 78.

Above table is under © Copyright of STOCK TREK and is published on soundofwarp.com and its associated social media – facebook, twitter, google business, linkedin, Instagram only. 

Any other digital or printed publication instead of above mentioned, is considered to be illegal / violation of Copyright Act and subject to face legal action. 



NIFTY is unable to break its resistance level. It is bouncing back almost in every month.

According to analysis, many stocks are creating its new high level after breaking their previous resistance level.

Correction is a normal and common event in NIFTY 50. However, professional traders know the art of capital gain.

Therefore, it is inevitable they will perform little slower than current trades.

In Table : 1, you can find the stocks that forecast on September and hit target 2 on September 2022.

Stocks hits Target 1 are not discussed in this article.

And the accuracy of forecast and hit the target 1 and 2 in combination is more than 21 %. And the corresponding wealth growth is 1.7 % on September 2022.

Indeed, one can understand the potential of this platform. The potential to hit target, potential of accuracy and potential of wealth growth.


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