May 2022 & June 2022 were Bearish not only over Indian Stock Market NIFTY50 and SENSEX but on Global Stock market.

However, it is extremely difficult to find out potential stock which results return.

It is also very difficult to find out that what should be the exact price to buy a stock so the capital grows to next upward level.

No one is interested to observe downward moving of prices.

Our consideration of stock selection goes under several secured and verified process. And the process is so hard to detect the best performing stock. 

It is pertinent to mention that, section of which stock to buy at what price is not a matter of reading and learning. It needs a huge professional calculation.

Even it cannot be learned with observing video tutorials; however, it needs professional guidance.


We are not SEBI authorized Stock Analyst. Thereby, we don’t recommend anyone to go with our method.

STOCK TREK will not be liable to take responsibility for their capital who are not subscriber members of this programme.

This article is for education purpose only.



Here we are discussing the past performance of some specific stocks.

Strictly speaking, stocks which earned profit during May 2022 & June 2022 are being discussed here.

This study extends the performance of a stock just before it is purchased.

And study also extends to the performance of the stock after it is purchased.

We will discuss here what price action patterns are being formed and parameters like trendline, support, resistance, candlestick pattern, price pattern, moving average crossover etc. 

It is to be remembered here that November 2021, December 2021, January 2022, February 2022, March 2022, April 2022, May 2022 & June 2022 are those Bearish months. 

We are not interested to discuss the issues behind this bearishness. A conscious mind can perceive regarding several Global scenarios are involved and affected for this.

We are interested only on the Technical Analysis of stocks.

However, it is proud to declare that Potential stocks perform extremely well in this period, those stocks which hits stop loss are reversed and hits Target.

Pictorial representation of stock chart is taken from – Tradingview.com



May 2022 and June 2022 were two extremely bearish month for NIFTY50, Indian Stock Market, as well as global market.

According to market response, it can be considered that Foreign Institutional Investors (FII’s) were selling stocks due to several Global Geopolitical issues.

The highest point is 17129 in 4th May 2022 and the lowest point 15188 on 17th June 2022. 


NIFTY 50 Low 15188 during May & June 2022

During this time frame, NIFTY 50 created huge gaps. Maximum 2.9% to 3.3% price down is observed during this period.


NIFTY 50 High 17129 during May & June 2022

Aggressive trader like me, it seems huge opportunity to jump on the market and penetrate some potential stocks again.

As a consequence, stocks will return a huge profit after reversal. 

One more interesting issue is that, gaps will be filled. Nature do not like free or void space. It always fills up.

In case of stock market, it is observed, blanks are always filled.

Therefore, an optimistic mind always says – a strong recovery is going to happen in near future. Bad days are temporary.

It does not stay forever. Hence, it is true that good days are waiting for tomorrow.

Because a beautiful morning always comes after a dark night.

Keep your patience and immerse into the trade.


Support line – Red

Resistance line – Green

Trend line – Blue

Price pattern – Black

Date of Entry – Yellow

Date of Exit – Violet



Analysis of SUMICHEM from 31/03/22 to 04/05/22.

Support level 351 and Resistance level 424.

It is confirmed that the date of entry on SUMICHEM is 31st March 2022.

However, observation says the price pattern before the entry was breakout of double bottom.

And the trend line was positive almost forty-five days.

During the period of trade, 31st March 2022 to 4th May 2022, there is no remarkable pattern observed.

Market responded with our predicted Profit on 4th May 2022 with volume of transaction 6.54M.


Analysis of GODFRYPHLP during 09/05/22 to 10/05/22.

Support level 935 and Resistance level 1375.

No need to introduce about GODFRYPHLP. This is one of the fastest target chaser stocks in this series.

The entry date on this trade was 9th May 2022.

It finds no time to create any price pattern.

Return on Investment earned on 10th May 2022 with the volume of transaction more than 208 K. 


Movement of KKCL from 12/04/22 to 18/05/22.

Support level 186 and Resistance level 243.

The approach to take KKCL is opposite to the usual entry.

Trend line was positive. There was perfect sign to take this trade on 12th April 2022.

It is the time to remember here that, market responses with continuous selling. Thereby, indexes were approaching downwards.

KKCL also broke its support level and took support on 180.

Bounce back from the very next day. And hit the target.

However, it was unable to form any specific price pattern during the trade period.

Date of exit was 18th May 2022 with volume of transaction 725.8 K.


Approach of ASHOKLEY from 05/05/22 to 23/05/22.

Support level 93 and Resistance level 138.

Date of entry on ASHOKLEY was 5th May 2022 with the usual negative trend.

It was expected that the green candle on date of entry is the sign of reversal. However, it is wrong.

It is observed that ASHOKLEY devaluated continuously and reversal occurs after five days of entry.

However, it is not a long-time frame to hold this stock – therefore – no specific price pattern is observed.

Also, to mention here that, ASHOKLEY didn’t break the support level during the trade time frame.

None of the specified price pattern were being carried by ASHOKLEY.

As a consequence, it has not pattern breakdown. Return on Investment earned – 23rd May 2022, volume of transaction was 49.8 M.


Journey of M&M from 12/04/22 to 24/05/22.

Support level 673 and Resistance level 881.

Date of entry on this trade was 12th April 2022 on the positive trend line. M&M created more positive approach further few days.

Special Price pattern – Cup & Handle in M&M.

During the trade period, M&M created a specific price pattern named Cup & Handle. This pattern is short and sharp.

However, the breakout yields predicted value on 24th May 2022.

During the full period of trade, M&M broke the resistance level and create a new resistance level at 945.

Breakout volume 4.5M (very high) on the date of exit, 24th May 2022.


Travel of HDFCLIFE from 25/05/22 to 27/05/22.

Support level 504 and Resistance level 598.

Date of entry on this trade was 25th May 2022.

HDFCLIFE was another fastest target chasing stock.

HDFCLIFE can be considered as one of the most potential stocks in this series.

HDFCLIFE didn’t get time to create any price pattern within two days.

Existing positive trendline moves more upwards and hit target on 27th May 2022.

The volume of transaction on the exit day is 8.7 M.


Analysis of TVSMOTORS from 17/05/22 to 31/05/22.

Support level 515 and Resistance level 693.

Date of entry 17th May 2022. Trend line was positive before entering into the trade.

However, the market was extremely bearish, TVSMOTORS responds positive during the trade time frame.

There is no specific price pattern is observed in this time frame.

Return on investment earned on this trade, 31st May 2022 with the volume of transaction 1.7M.


Approach of MFSL from 26/05/22 to 01/06/22.

Support level 697 and Resistance level 808.

Date of entry 26th May 2022.

There is an unique observation is to be shared for MFSL.

MFSL had already created a bullish price pattern named Inverted Head & Shoulder. Entry is taken on the breakout of the above pattern.

As bulls are on power on MFSL, it was unable to create further new pattern in short period of time.

MFSL was helpless except to provide fast RoI as the entry was perfect.

Thereby, Return on Investment appeared on 1st June 2022 with the volume of transaction 1.17 M.


Journey of ELECON from 18/04/22 to 02/06/22.

Support level 128 and Resistance level 215.

Date of entry on ELECON was 18th April 2022.

Entry is taken on ELECON after the breakout of Bullish Double Bottom price pattern.

One more thing is to mention here, ELECON made one more Bullish Double Bottom pattern during the trade time frame.

As it is known to us, “Bull takes Step and Bear takes Elevator” – ELECON consumes around more than 45 days.

On 2nd June 2022, massive response is found from market and realized the desired profit.

The volume of transaction on the day of exit was 5.4 M.


Movement of APLAPOLLO from 24/05/22 to 03/06/22.

Support level 772 and Resistance level 1099.

Another event occurred in the trade of APLAPOLLO. Date of entry 24th May 2022.

Date of entry was remarkable. APLAPOLLO was busy in creating a specific price pattern Bullish Double Bottom.

Thorough observation shows that, entry was made on half-way of Double Bottom.

Chart explicitly depicts that, APLAPOLLO neither broke its resistance nor support. However, hits target very bullish approach.

Date of exit was 3rd June 2022. Volume of transaction 555 K.


Pathway of FIEMIND from 07/06/22 to 17/06/22.

Support level 809 and Resistance level 1121.

Date of entry 7th June 2022.

The entire period of trade, FIEMIND was side-ways. Chart does not display any fluctuation movement – neither upwards nor downwards.

Also, to mention here, no specific price pattern is observed in this time frame.

On 17th June 2022, Return on Investment is earned with massive market response. The volume of transaction 870 K.


Chart of PHOENIXLTD from 29/04/22 to 28/06/22.

Support level 956 and Resistance level 1111.

Entry date on PHOENIXLTD was 29th April 2022.

Entry was made on the positive slope of movement. And PHOENIXLTD created extremely bullish Double Bottom price pattern.

Special Price pattern from the Date of Entry observed – Bullish Double Bottom

However, if the pattern is considered before the trade entry – there is a beautiful phenomenon is seen. PHOENIXLTD created an Inverted Head & Shoulder pattern – which is also a Bullish pattern.

Special Price pattern before the Date of Entry observed – Inverted Head & Shoulder

Therefore, both price pattern is true for PHOENIXLTD – Double Bottom and Inverted Head & Shoulder.

Return on Investment appeared on 28th June 2022 with volume of transaction 436 K.


Approach of SUNCLAYLTD from 02/05/22 to 29/06/22.

Support level 3556 and Resistance level 4682.

Entry date on this trade was 2nd May 2022.

Special Price Pattern on SUNCLAYLTD observed – Bullish Double Bottom.

SUNCLAYLTD created extremely bullish Double Bottom price pattern during the time period of trade.

SUNCLAYLTD broke its previous support level 3556 and took support on 3502.

Breakout of this bullish double bottom occurred due to massive market response.

Return on Investment on 29th June 2022 with the volume of transaction 8.39K.


Analysis of RAJESHEXPO from 12/05/22 to 30/06/22.

Support level 565 and Resistance level 675.

Date of entry on this trade was 12th May 2022.

RAJESHEXPO didn’t created any specific price pattern during the trade time frame. However, it broke the support level and made new support at 518.

Date of exit from this trade was 30th June 2022 with volume of transaction 527.7 K.   


Most noticeable event to observe here is that, stocks performed explicitly well during the time period MAY 2022 & JUNE 2022 when NIFTY50 was between 17129 to 15188 points. 1941 points dropped within 2 months.

It will not be an exaggeration if I say the quantum of wealth invested on the above-mentioned stocks has raised by fifteen percent in last nine months, though Index moves downtrend line, creating atmosphere of downtrend wave.

However, during the session of PANIC everywhere, FIFTEEN percent in NINE months is the result I have produced.

Isn’t seems a GREAT number. Isn’t it?

This trend didn’t affect the above stocks. Market responds perfectly on this duration and brings inevitable Profit amount.

However, one needs to understand investment on stock needs a patience. If you keep your patience and pay time to get great outcome – only profit is left.


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